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Trusted talent powered by block-chain and network of trustees and custodians.



OneTapp Hire. Post, track and hire conveniently within a week.



Top talent from network of select providers who specialize in their domains.


We go beyond hiring. High performance guaranteed with risk-reward pay.

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Client gets the value. Talent gets the payment. No middlemen.


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WIHWIG - What You Hire Is What You Get. Ensured by trustees & custodians.


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Leverage select providers to hire your next top talent!

Profile Database

25+ Providers

Select global providers across industry, business and technology domains.

Profile Database

150+ Trustees

Global network to verify and validate talent credentials.

Profile Database

20+ Custodians

Global network of experts who own and lead talent domains.

Profile Database

Million+ Profiles

Growing database of talent profiles and their trusted recruiters.

OneStop Talent Shop

End-to-end agile talent solutions and services.

Unified Platforms

No resume, no emails, no key-word search! Leverage platform chain to hire within one week.

Talent Lifecycle

Tactical, direct & leadership. We do it all across domains.

Invest for Future

Train, coach, up-skill, cross-skill, and certify for future.

Talent @ Scale

Leverage top talent across industry, business and technology domains.

15+ Industries

Retail, CPG, Telecom, Media, Hitech, Health, Finance, Travel, Manufacturing, and Energy among others.

10+ Functions

IT, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, HR, Strategy, Assets, and Operations among others.

20+ Technologies

Apps, Platforms, Data, Analytics, AI, Gen AI, DevSecOps, Cloud, ERP, and XR among others.


Bring your talent to global clients. Join the ecosystem and grow with us.

No Middlemen

Build direct partnership with top clients. Without middlemen.


End-to-end engagement lifecycle managed via unified platform.

Speed to Value

OneTapp hire. Agile opportunity closure and engagement kick-off powered by unified platform.